Living Life

In Oneness


In Compassion


In Loving Kindness

In Divine Presence

Being A Member of the Family

With the widest possible expression of loving kindness, the Eremitas Familia Minima or the Minim Way is primarily an Energy within Creation. This Spirit of Evolutionary Energy embraces the whole cosmos, the world, and all people and all of creation.

At this expansive transpersonal dimension of being and becoming, we can tap into the Energy of Being and come to Manifest this Being in Oneness and Service. The Solitude of Oneness, and Service of the Many represent the heart and core of the Minim Way.

When this Energy of the Divine Minim comes to embody within self-awakening we bipeds cannot be turned back. The process is ongoing. When the bread is baked, take the bread out of the oven. The loaf is done.

The little self awakens, and becomes part of the Larger Stronger and More Embracing Self. When our little humble self awakens to Self, life is changed forever. We are reborn into the Family of Awakening Beings.

Intentional Awakening

Thus begins a process of Intentional Awakening and Daily Practice in Loving Kindness and in Divine Presence. This practice is lifelong. Each being is on a different path, at a different stage, and we find ourselves in unique places. All of these experiences hold the secrets of many sacred teachings. All have their own integrity in the journey of Self and self.

Published Resources

The Book of the Minims provides inspiration and guidance on the Practice of Consecration, Vow Practice, Living the Sacred Councils, and the Practice of the Bodhisattva Vows. The Book provides both the Way of Life, and the Constitutions. The Way of the Minim provides nurturing reflections on a life of contemplative and prayerful awakening. The Constitutions provide helpful guidelines on basic and common questions of ethics, values, lifestyle, and more specific issues pertaining to the society’s function.

Newly published in 2023 (in spite of the ISBN data, as this title was in press for three years).

The Minim Way is a Way of Life and Guide for the Soul’s Journey. The Eremitas Familia Minima, the Smallest Family of Solitaries, or the Minims, is anyone who identifies with this Ancient Way of Living in the Now. This little Book holds the secrets of many lifetimes. You will find a renewed vision of the ancient Franciscan and Bodhisattva vows, with profound reflections on the spiritual path. The Way and Life are presented in an ontopoetics of soulful listening. The Poetry of Soulful Awakening is followed by the foundation’s Constitution as a gift for those who would live in the Minim Way into the future. Included is an original amplified translation of Francis of Assisi’s Canticle of the Sun. References and footnotes are provided. Based on 45 years of work, this scholarly and scripturally based reflection provides an integral vision for sacred living in a secular age.

The Mass of Creation: Liturgies and Prayers for All Occasions provides an inclusive and ethical environment of principles that can nurture holistic and life-giving meditation, prayer, and ceremony-as-life and life-as-ceremony. The text presents an ecological, earth-based, multicultural, Indigenous, strength-based, gender and transgender inclusive spiritual model of ceremonial and liturgical practice.

The Mass of Creation: Liturgies and Prayers for All Occasions – A Sacramentary Inspired by the Cosmology of Franciscan, First Nation, and Celtic Traditions, is a collection of interest to laity, ministers, priests, liturgists, poets, musicians, and mystics of the heart. Around the inspirational and moving Mass of Creation, the sacramentary provides culturally inclusive liturgies for gathering, blessing of sacred space, honouring of elders, healing, transgenerational healing, water blessings, baptism, and naming. Included are scripturally based liturgies for renewal of vows, dedication, consecration, and reflections on the gospel-based counsels of Jesus. You will find ceremonies for reconciliation, anointing of the sick; and blessings for readers, sacred groves, rings, crosses, and for couples. Deeply moving are original amplified translations of The Lord’s Prayer and Francis of Assisi’s Canticle of the Sun; along with a provocative cross-cultural and inter-religious revision of all Christian prayers using a creation-based theology. Arising from the independent apostolic movement, the work stands apart from the institutional church and speaks eloquently of spirituality in everyday life. A good guide for home-based liturgies. Charismatic, intuitive, and inspired. Produced in a large format hardcover Altar Edition for celebrants, and a smaller paperback Pew Edition for the community.

Solitude Awakens: The Heart Forest Mountain Way sets out to explore an in-depth commentary and exploration of the Way and its many conditions for the spiritual life of practice. The text discusses the Minim method, a practical and pragmatic approach to daily life. Necessary skills in daily practice are explored. More so, the method teaches the means to generate synergies in personal and social values that can sustain a lifetime of practice. Solitude Awakens explores how this Minim Way draws in the western and eastern, southern and northern perspectives and traditions in a global ethic of care for creation.

Mystic, teacher, and therapist Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers reveals the secrets of solitary life, contemplation, and enlightenment. Like a master weaver and guru Dr Bowers teaches the reader how to experience relief from suffering and how to attain awakening in freedom, mindfulness, and true joy. Seekers on the way will want to learn how to create your own ‘rule of life’ and how to nurture life-long vow practices that grow with you and that match your values and aspirations. Be forewarned, this knowledge of the ages can change you forever. Made for the western mind this is a modern secular synergy of Christian, Franciscan, Buddhist, Hindu, Mi’kmaq First Nation, Science, and Zen traditions. ‘Solitude Awakens: The Heart Forest Mountain Way’ is like a modern Lotus Flower Sutra of the Bodhisattva of Compassion in a clear and practical wisdom.

Stardust Awakens: From Social Isolation to Finding Your Purpose and Destiny provides an in-depth exploration of the developmental path of spirituality. This work draws on many years of work and reflection, and provides some of the background that inspired the Minim path.

A guidebook for the soul. Learn to develop your spiritual strengths. Activate your experiential learning. Integrate your knowledge into practice. An experiential eightfold path follows the sacred wisdom of native and western mysticism. Learn hidden secrets of personal potential and spiritual power. Actively become conscious. Make decisions about growth and life. Regain the spirit of youth. Enkindle the Elder. Acknowledge personal strength. Attend to weakness with compassion. Come to terms with identity and place. Exercise pathwork to discover inner purpose. Define transformation. Come to terms with destiny. With over thirty-five years of intensive searching, the author shares many ancient secrets of the mystical life woven into a modern and balanced psychology. Now in second edition. Completely accessible. Profoundly life changing for people new to personal growth. Inspiring. A touchstone for those further along the path of enlightenment.

Mi’kmaq Puoinaq Two Spirit Medicine: Sexuality and Gender Variance, Spirituality and Culture is a pivotal text in Indigenous and cultural studies. The work provides a detailed and comprehensive example of applying the Minim philosophy of ethical ecological consideration, as well as cross-cultural methods that nurture respect and sensitivity to difference and identity.

​Powerful medicine. A rare glimpse into sacred sexuality, gender, and identity. Honouring an often-hidden beautiful cultural landscape. Instructive, accessible, scholarly, relevant and practical. An insightful contribution to sexuality and gender, gay and lesbian, Native North American, and Indigenous studies. An integral textbook for courses in education, counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, social work, medicine, nursing, and health. Welcoming and empowering for youth, adults, and family. Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers is an Australian-Canadian Counsellor Psychotherapist and author of The Practice of Counselling, Sacred Teachings from the Medicine Lodge, and On the Threshold: Personal Transformation and Spiritual Awakening. Mi’kmaq Elder Dr Daniel N. Paul is a Canadian Historian and celebrated author of We Were Not the Savages: First Nations History. The authors reveal how Two Spirit and Traditional Medicine have always existed and are being rekindled in our times.