Welcome to you and yours from the Eremitas Familia Minima, the Smallest Family of Solitaries, or the Minims. We wish you every peace and good now and always.

The Minims is a vision for living the eremitic or solitary life of contemplative awakening.

This is an everyday society of spiritual practice. We live in the heart, the forests, mountains, and the cities of the world.

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Spirituality is understood as how you and we make a sense of meaning. This Way is ecological, holistic, integral, and abides with the developmental and evolutionary sciences and mystical arts.

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The Minims are souls drawn to live as hermits, solitaries, people who live alone, and others that seek to practice the contemplative life of awakening.

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We welcome your visiting our site and learning more about our way of life and the rich depth of teachings that contribute to our wellbeing and evolution.

– Hon Rev Dr Joseph R Bowers EFM

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The Minim Way is a Way of Life and Guide for the Soul’s Journey. The Eremitas Familia Minima, the Smallest Family of Solitaries, or the Minims, is anyone who identifies with this Ancient Way of Living in the Now. This little Book holds the secrets of many lifetimes. You will find a renewed vision of the ancient Franciscan and Bodhisattva vows, with profound reflections on the spiritual path. The Way and Life are presented in an ontopoetics of soulful listening. The Poetry of Soulful Awakening is followed by the foundation’s Constitution as a gift for those who would live in the Minim Way into the future. Included is an original amplified translation of Francis of Assisi’s Canticle of the Sun. References and footnotes are provided. Based on 45 years of work, this scholarly and scripturally based reflection provides an integral vision for sacred living in a secular age.

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