Stardust Awakens: From Social Isolation to Finding Your Purpose and Destiny

A guidebook for the soul. Learn to develop your spiritual strengths. Activate your experiential learning. Integrate your knowledge into practice. An experiential eightfold path follows the sacred wisdom of native and western mysticism. Learn hidden secrets of personal potential and spiritual power. Actively become conscious. Make decisions about growth and life. Regain the spirit of youth. Enkindle the Elder. Acknowledge personal strength. Attend to weakness with compassion. Come to terms with identity and place. Exercise pathwork to discover inner purpose. Define transformation. Come to terms with destiny. With over thirty-five years of intensive searching, the author shares many ancient secrets of the mystical life woven into a modern and balanced psychology. Now in second edition. Completely accessible. Profoundly life changing for people new to personal growth. Inspiring. A touchstone for those further along the path of enlightenment.

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