Solitude Awakens: The Heart Forest Mountain Way

Mystic, teacher, and therapist Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers reveals the secrets of solitary life, contemplation, and enlightenment. Like a master weaver and guru Dr Bowers teaches the reader how to experience relief from suffering and how to attain awakening in freedom, mindfulness, and true joy. Seekers on the way will want to learn how to create your own ‘rule of life’ and how to nurture life-long vow practices that grow with you and that match your values and aspirations. Be forewarned, this knowledge of the ages can change you forever. Made for the western mind this is a modern secular synergy of Christian, Franciscan, Buddhist, Hindu, Mi’kmaq First Nation, Science, and Zen traditions. ‘Solitude Awakens: The Heart Forest Mountain Way’ is like a modern Lotus Flower Sutra of the Bodhisattva of Compassion in a clear and practical wisdom.

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