Mi’kmaq Puoinaq Two Spirit Medicine

​Powerful medicine. A rare glimpse into sacred sexuality, gender, and identity. Honouring an often-hidden beautiful cultural landscape. Instructive, accessible, scholarly, relevant and practical. An insightful contribution to sexuality and gender, gay and lesbian, Native North American, and Indigenous studies. An integral textbook for courses in education, counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, social work, medicine, nursing, and health. Welcoming and empowering for youth, adults, and family. Dr Joseph Randolph Bowers is an Australian-Canadian Counsellor Psychotherapist and author of The Practice of Counselling, Sacred Teachings from the Medicine Lodge, and On the Threshold: Personal Transformation and Spiritual Awakening. Mi’kmaq Elder Dr Daniel N. Paul is a Canadian Historian and celebrated author of We Were Not the Savages: First Nations History. The authors reveal how Two Spirit and Traditional Medicine have always existed and are being rekindled in our times.

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