Walk the Walk

Starting now is all we can do. One great inspiring man once said, ‘When you fall down, pick yourself up. If that is too hard to do today, accept this reality. But tomorrow morning pull yourself up again regardless.’

He was referring to the principle of self-awareness and compassion with the self. Many of us can do this for others, but to ourselves we are much harder and more stern. But recall that even Jesus of Nazareth taught that love begins at home with the self’ because he said the greatest principle of all is to ‘Love our neighbour as we love ourselves.’

Love Your Self.

Being a Minim is to live in this fullness right now, in the moment. This is a pathwork that is active and contemplative. It is about awakening.

Brilliance is Found in the Light of Self.

Creator formed you in the womb, and gave to your very being the imprint of brilliance simply by being human. The God of Oneness became one of us, became part of our closest family. The message of the incarnation of divinity is about the innate power and beauty of humanity – of you and me.

“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” — Plato

You are on the right track. 

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