Begin Right Now

Celebrate the Now.

This moment is most sacred, because this time will not pass again. Having the proper mindset opens one to contemplative awareness. This discipline of mind opens the heart-mind to feeling life right now. Appreciating what is happening, even the hurt or confusion. These are also our teachers.

Moving outside your comfort zone is coming to terms with the challenges of this moment. Finding a way forward that is deeply meaningful for you.

Developing and maintaining healthy relationships is crucial to this Now of God in Oneness with All. God is nothing but practical, because the divine formed the Spirit of Evolution to manifest the formations of all life, all being, all creatures great and small.

This integral pattern is a developmental map that exists also in your body, mind, and spirit – your electromagnetic energy field. The point being, your self is sacred and given to this quest for Light.

Practicing the Presence of God is awakening the Self within the self. This is staying focused in all times and places, even during the storms of life.

This is a practice learned over many years. This begins with the discipline of centring in the breath and the heart. The breath is the lifeline of meditation practice. The heart is the physical and symbolic centre of existence. These have been key teachings of the contemplative life for thousands of years.

  • Work with heart
  • Work with intention

“Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in few.”

— Pythagoras

Contemplative Awakening is both spontaneous and is earned, one step at a time. One of the most invaluable skills a person can have is being able to clearly see and feel what they want for self and others. The power of intention works with the network of numinous interconnections to manifest new forms of experience, and even influences physical life and health.

Sometimes the hardest part of finding Awakening Self is gathering the courage to get started. As long as you’re learning, you’ll never really fail. This path is everywhere.

Bonaventure, a great mystic and teacher, suggested that all of creation and all of life is a pathway into God.

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